We live in divided times. Politically, racially, and religiously, the United States is experiencing a severe strain on its unity.  Similar factiousness has spread around the world.  Although Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and its sequel, In His Image were published over 30 years ago, we still have much to learn from Dr. Paul Brand.  This fascinating man studied medicine during World War II, when virtually the entire world was at arms.  He then began his medical career during a cataclysmic event in India that caused more than a million deaths and created fourteen million refugees.  Brand’s insights come not as sermons, but as observations of how cells work together in community and what we can learn from them.

Since the publication of the earlier versions, medicine and science have advanced greatly.  This new, combined edition, Fearfully and Wonderfully, contains the best of both books, with condensed text and updated details, retaining all the wisdom of the original editions, while providing relevance for today’s world.

My prayer is that this book will introduce a whole new generation to the wisdom of Paul Brand, so that we too can look at the human body in new ways, and learn from it lessons that will help us understand the world around us, the Kingdom of God, and how we should be living as followers of Jesus.   (IVPress 2019)


Endorsements and Honors

“This book is a testimony to the peculiar mystery of God’s presence—the Word made flesh, as John’s Gospel names it. For people whose spiritual lives have been too disembodied, Dr. Brand’s attention to living bodies invites us to return to our true selves…”
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Reconstructing the Gospel

“Dr. Brand is a legendary medical doctor, and Philip is a doctor of the soul. Together they have written one of the greatest books on life . . . in a world where far too many lives are disgraced and desecrated…”
Shane Claiborne, cofounder of The Simple Way and Red Letter Christians, author of Beating Guns

“God’s imaginative genius with his physical creation always has astounding parallels in the spiritual realm, and it’s no different with the epitome of his creation, the human body. In their timeless Christian classic Fearfully and Wonderfully, my friend Philip and his coauthor Dr. Brand draw amazing parallels between our bodies and the Body of Christ that leave the reader startled and breathless with wonder…”
Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center


2019 Readers’ Choice Award, Winner – IVP

2019 Science Book of the Year, Short List -WORLD Magazine

2020 Christian Book Award Finalist, Christian Living – Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA )

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