Grace Notes collects 366 daily readings from my books and articles, and travel reports.  Each entry corresponds to a calendar date and takes only a few minutes to read.  Together, the readings  communicate my understanding of God, the world, and faith. I hope they especially speak to the disillusioned, doubters, sufferers, and out-of-the-mold believers.

Sections include:
• How to rediscover God through the wonders of nature, music, and romantic love
• Why grace means you can’t do anything to make God love you more or less
• What happens when you cut through preconceptions to encounter the “real” Jesus
• How to renew your understanding and practice of prayer
• Where you can see God in unexpected people and places
• How to cope when life crashes in around you
(Zondervan, 2009)



When asked what books were on her night stand, Anne Lamott said, “a book of daily readings by Philip Yancey called ‘Grace Notes.’  He is my favorite Christian writer—so human and regular and wise and sweet and funny—and has hair just like me, which only eight other people in the world do.  (Art Garfunkel is another.)”

“Few are better than Yancey at providing answers that can soothe a faith that’s almost been shattered.”
Charles R. Swindoll, pastor, author, educator, and radio preacher (Insight for Living)

“With Grace Notes I travel around the world and become more aware of pressing social issues; I travel back in time and learn theological history in a nutshell; I travel all the corners of my mind that have struggled with faith, and I benefit from so many wise things other ‘pilgrims’ have said along the way. If I were to keep only one book on my shelf, it would be Grace Notes.”
Susan C (reader review)

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