In this book I write on a diverse range of topics that touch on the fields of history, science, religion, ethics, and more.  It came about after I wrote a column in Christianity Today magazine consisting of questions sparked by reading the novelist Walker Percy.  I’ve always felt more comfortable with questions than answers.

The book draws from fifty of those columns, covering such topics as an AIDS clinic, modern physics, a visit by the pope,  Mormons, televangelists, arranged marriages, and a baptism in Lake Michigan.  In all, I wrote this monthly column for 26 years, and this book pulls together some of my favorites.  About some of these matters, I’m still wondering.



“When Yancey couples his vibrant curiosity with his felicitous style and then begins reflecting on everything under the sun, the result is a collection of stimulating observations bound to nudge and encourage a reader’s own reflective powers. Yancey first turns his gaze on societal issues, but by the end of the 45th short, terse chapter (all of which appeared originally in a column in the magazine Christianity Today) , he has touched on the fields of history, psychology, science, religion, and ethics, winding up with observations on the inner life. Yancey manages superbly to avoid the trite when he poses questions for his own and others’ consideration. Yet his book is imbued with a quality of profound faith. Enthusiastically recommended.”
Library Journal

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