For three years my colleague Tim Stafford and I worked on an edition of the Bible known as The Student Bible, which we dubbed “a study Bible for people who would never use a study Bible.” Those months of immersion in the Bible nourished the soil for all of my future writing.  This book sets out a daily reading program of Bible highlights, drawn from my notes in The Student Bible and additional notes written by Brenda Quinn.

Each day’s reading includes a Bible passage, contemporary commentary, and questions for contemplation—all designed to offer insight into how the passage fits into the overall story of the Bible, and how it speaks to life today.(Zondervan, 2001)


You’ve finally admitted it: You’ve had that Bible on your bookshelf since you were 12, and maybe you’ve even opened it, closed your eyes, and pointed to a verse in the hope that it would reveal something. Still, all you know about the Bible is that there’s a lot in there about God and fornication and shining countenances and faith, hope, and love, which abide, these three. Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn have just the book for you…..Most people who decide to read the Bible start at the beginning and then get bogged down somewhere in the middle of Leviticus. Yancey and Quinn offer an abridged version that preserves all the high points while eliminating genealogies and formulas for ritual…. At the end of a year with Yancey and Quinn, you’ll know about Hebrew parallelism, single combat warfare, and the revolutionary undercurrents in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth. More importantly, you’ll have something that millions of church-going Christians never acquire-a sense of how the Bible’s many authors relate to and build on one another, culminating in the life and teaching of Jesus . — From Beliefnet –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.


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