In a research project, my colleague Tim Stafford and I discovered that although many people have a high view of the Bible and want to read it, often they never get around to it? Why not? We identified three major reasons, and designed a Bible which, with comprehensive notes, addresses these three most common complaints:

“I can’t understand it.” –Highlights and Insights clarify confusing parts.

“I can’t find it.” –A Subject Guide gives helpful guidance.

“The Bible is too big and intimidating.”–A 3-Track reading plan serves as a kind of introduction.

The New International Version is the most read, most trusted Bible translation, and more than six million copies of The Student Bible have been sold. It’s available in many different formats, including leather editions, and was fully revised in 2023.


Endorsements and Honors

Christian Book Award Winner, ECPA, US, 1992

Platinum Book Award, ECPA, US, 1992


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