After writing one of my first books, Where Is God When It Hurts, I got letters from readers who said something like this: “Thanks for your reflections on physical pain.  My situation is different, though.  My child has severe disabilities, and I face a constant battle with depression.  Prayer doesn’t seem to help my emotional pain.  When it comes to God, I feel something like betrayal.”

I settle on three questions, “Is God unfair?  Is God silent?  Is God hidden?” and scour the Bible methodically, looking for clues.

At the time, the publisher questioned the title, so different from the cheery titles that predominate in Christian bookstores.  But I wanted to speak to people who were truly disappointed.   (Zondervan, 1988)

  • Book of the Year- Christianity Today, Christianity Today Magazine, US, 1990
  • Book of the Year- Cornerstone Magazine, Cornerstone Magazine, US, 1990
  • Book of the Year- Nat’l Assoc of Single Adults, Nat’l Assoc of Single Adult Leaders, US, 1990

“Few are better than Yancey at providing answers that can soothe a faith that’s almost been shattered.” — Charles R. Swindoll

“I feel nourished by it and my spirits raised by it.  It seems to me that you say a great many important things, about as simply and lucidly and honestly as they can be said.”  —Frederick Buechner, author