Who is Philip Yancey?

For Yancey, reading offered a window to a different world. So, he devoured books that opened his mind, challenged his upbringing, and went against what he had been taught. A sense of betrayal engulfed him.

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Banished to Paradise

Posted on Sat, Mar 25 2017 in Blog | 16 Comments

Janet and I spent last week in Hawaii. After attending a conference in Honolulu, we opted to spend our free time not at a beach resort but rather… read on

Grace in Silence

Posted on Sat, Feb 4 2017 in Blog | 16 Comments

For almost thirty years, one book has obsessed the movie director Martin Scorsese: Silence, the celebrated novel by Japanese author Shusaku Endo.  Now, in a lavish $40 million production, Scorsese’s… read on

Election Reflections: Bridging the Gap

Posted on Sat, Jan 7 2017 in Blog, Politics | 98 Comments

In its Person of the Year cover story, Time magazine gave Donald Trump the title “President of the Divided States of America.”  With good reason.  A glance at… read on

Joy to a Fear-Filled World

Posted on Sat, Dec 17 2016 in Blog | 12 Comments

A friend of mine named Angela told me about a time when her faith was just awakening.  Raised Catholic, she had a wistful interest in spirituality though scant… read on

Sex and the Elk

Posted on Sun, Oct 16 2016 in Blog | 17 Comments

Elk rutting season has just ended in Colorado, and thousands of spectator-filled cars lined the roads of parks and wildlife preserves to watch the show.  I simply had… read on

God on the Move

Posted on Mon, Sep 19 2016 in Blog | 13 Comments

On average, I take four international trips a year.  For example, I’ve just returned from Spain, where I spoke at a conference of youth pastors.  My travels have… read on

Our Best Idea

Posted on Mon, Aug 15 2016 in Blog | 11 Comments

The National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday on August 25, 2016.  Ken Burns, producer of a PBS television series on the parks, explains why he chose to… read on

Hope in the Dark

Posted on Thu, Jul 21 2016 in Blog | 8 Comments

Amid all the bleak news about America’s racial divide, I came across a remarkable video on a spiritual awakening in the largest maximum-security prison in the country.  The… read on

Why I Write

Posted on Sun, Jun 19 2016 in Blog | 17 Comments

I just returned from a week at the Frederick Buechner Writer’s Workshop in Princeton, New Jersey. Buechner has always been a model for me, an author who expresses… read on

Shakespeare and the Election

Posted on Thu, May 26 2016 in Blog | 11 Comments

This month marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. I once made a New Year’s resolution to read all 38 of his plays in one year. Although… read on