U.K. and Ireland, 2002

We’re just over halfway through a tour of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland organized by my U.K. book distributor.  I must say, everything has gone extremely well.  The schedule is rather hectic, and we’ve not gotten to bed before 12:30 a.m. yet.  The last two nights, in Glasgow and Belfast, meetings were held in beautiful downtown concert halls that seat around 3000 people, and all tickets were sold out.  (In Belfast, the irascible Rev. Ian Paisley had people out picketing us for charging admission and for meeting on a Sunday night!).

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Russia, 2002

Before going to Russia I had a few days in Scandinavia.  First, I did a one-day seminar in Sweden.  Swedes are impassive people with no facial expression, which makes speaking difficult, but I met many readers and came away mildly encouraged.  Norway was something else.  We drove four hours on icy roads and got there at midnight, just in time to grab some sleep before Sunday services the next day.  I spoke at two on Sunday evening, total of 1200 people, most under 25. 

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