The Internet offers amazing opportunities. I write in isolation in a basement office (although in Colorado, where I live, even basements have good views). If someone walks into the room it breaks my concentration and I freeze. Yet thanks to the Internet I have proof that what I do in isolation actually reaches real people out there, in places I can hardly imagine. I regularly hear from readers in places like Brazil, Latvia, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Taiwan. 

For writers, the information age represents the best of times and the worst of times. Bookstores may be closing, with fewer people buying books these days. At the same time, writers are finding new ways to make connections with readers: through blogs, ebooks, self-publishing, and websites. We can get instant feedback, rather than waiting up to a year for a book to be published. 

In this website and a Facebook site I conduct a kind of conversation with readers. It makes writing more of a dialogue, less of a monologue. In the various tabs you’ll find my blog, book reviews, trip reports, interviews, a Question and Answer section, and articles on such diverse topics as the psychosis of writing and the aftershocks of 9/11. 

At their best, websites create a kind of virtual community. I don’t know who is looking at any given moment, and neither do you. Even so, we connect. May you find this site stimulating and perhaps even entertaining. Happy reading. 

Oh, yes, I do get out of that basement office sometimes, and the Events tab shows my current speaking schedule. Maybe we can meet in person someday!