Who is Philip Yancey?

For Yancey, reading offered a window to a different world. So, he devoured books that opened his mind, challenged his upbringing, and went against what he had been taught. A sense of betrayal engulfed him.

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Joy to a Fear-Filled World

Posted on Sat, Dec 17 2016 in Blog | 12 Comments

A friend of mine named Angela told me about a time when her faith was just awakening.  Raised Catholic, she had a wistful interest in spirituality though scant… read on

Sex and the Elk

Posted on Sun, Oct 16 2016 in Blog | 17 Comments

Elk rutting season has just ended in Colorado, and thousands of spectator-filled cars lined the roads of parks and wildlife preserves to watch the show.  I simply had… read on

God on the Move

Posted on Mon, Sep 19 2016 in Blog | 13 Comments

On average, I take four international trips a year.  For example, I’ve just returned from Spain, where I spoke at a conference of youth pastors.  My travels have… read on

Our Best Idea

Posted on Mon, Aug 15 2016 in Blog | 11 Comments

The National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday on August 25, 2016.  Ken Burns, producer of a PBS television series on the parks, explains why he chose to… read on

Hope in the Dark

Posted on Thu, Jul 21 2016 in Blog | 8 Comments

Amid all the bleak news about America’s racial divide, I came across a remarkable video on a spiritual awakening in the largest maximum-security prison in the country.  The… read on

Why I Write

Posted on Sun, Jun 19 2016 in Blog | 17 Comments

I just returned from a week at the Frederick Buechner Writer’s Workshop in Princeton, New Jersey. Buechner has always been a model for me, an author who expresses… read on

Shakespeare and the Election

Posted on Thu, May 26 2016 in Blog | 11 Comments

This month marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. I once made a New Year’s resolution to read all 38 of his plays in one year. Although… read on

The China Syndrome

Posted on Sun, Apr 24 2016 in Blog | 14 Comments

You can hardly pick up a newsmagazine without reading about the resurgence of China.  That Asian nation has surpassed the U.S. for the unenviable title of the world’s… read on

The Superhero Prophet

Posted on Mon, Mar 21 2016 in Blog | 9 Comments

A fluke of this year’s calendar has the Jewish Passover and Christian Easter separated by almost a month. Historically, of course, they go together: Jesus celebrated the Passover… read on

The Quirky Wisdom of T. S. Eliot

Posted on Sat, Feb 20 2016 in Blog | 13 Comments

Last year marked the fiftieth anniversary of T. S. Eliot’s death. The premier poet of his generation, Eliot sent shock waves through the literati of Britain and America… read on